Real Estate Exam Instructional Online Audiobooks

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The audiobooks cover all the material from our instructional videos and are organized by section so you can quickly resume where you left off.

List of Topics Covered

Our audio books cover the following topics:

  1. Basics
  2. Government Power
  3. Freehold Estates
  4. Less Than Freehold Estates
  5. Property Management
  6. Contract Essentials
  7. Types of Contracts
  8. Listings
  9. Agency
  10. Practice and Disclosure
  11. Federal Law
  12. Easement
  13. Water Rights
  14. Zoning
  15. Property Transfer
  16. Title
  17. Title Insurance
  18. Forms of Ownership
  19. Subdivisions
  20. Liens
  21. Appraisals: Part 1
  22. Appraisals: Part 2
  23. Financing
  24. Lenders
  25. Primary Market
  26. Secondary Market
  27. FHA and VA
  28. Types of Loans
  29. Loan Clauses
  30. Investing
  31. Construction Terms

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