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Real Estate Exam Tutor Study Guide Features

Questions from the Actual Exam

Our extensive collection of study questions is assembled from actual exams, and contains information from a host of topics, including Agency Laws, Market Analysis, Contracts, Financing, Practice and Disclosures, Property Ownership and Transfer of Property.

Current Material

Since our material is available through the internet, it enables us to keep it updated constantly. Unlike printed study guides, all our study material is guaranteed up-to-date and will continue to be in order to reflect the exact state of the exam nationwide.

State-Specific Material

Our study guides contain material from the actual tests from your state. Learn more about your state's exam by clicking here or selecting your state from the map above.

Instant Feedback

Instant Feedback lets you to know immediately whether you got the answer correct and help you learn from your mistakes with detailed explanations.

Save Questions for Review

Questions are automatically saved for review when answered incorrectly, but our system allows you to save specific questions for later review.

50/50 Lifeline!

Not quite sure what the answer is and could use some help? No problem! We've implemented a 50/50 lifeline to help you narrow down the answers. You get up to 5 lifelines per day so use them wisely!

90 Days Unlimited Access

Unlike other websites, we offer 90 days of unlimited access to the study guides! Other sites make you pay more for long-term access, but we provide long-term access for the same price as the other guys' short-term access plans!

Works on any System

Works on any web browser on any system (Mac, PC, Linux) and on any browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera). No software downloads or CDs to install!

No Hidden Charges!

Everything you pay is up-front and non-recurring. There are no monthly fees or account maintenance fees with our system! What you see is what you pay!


I was working as a secretary and was laid off when my company downsized. My sister had just gotten her license in Colorado, and recommended this site to me. I can honestly say she changed my life. I just closed on my first condo this morning!!
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I'm not the best with computers, but my son set me up with this service. If it was easy enough for me, anyone can do it. I start my new job at a brokerage firm next week!
- Linda from Norman, OK
Studying has never been my thing but this site made it easy for me. I was happy to see they even had the special extra questions for New Mexico. I'm so glad to finally have a career path now. I passed the test on my first try!
- Pierre from Farmington, NM

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